The Restless Song Lyrics

Lyrics from The Restless EP

King Forever

Verse 1

All around, waves crashing down
While our God sleeps, don’t You care if we drown
But then he calms the storm with his Name
Why do we doubt, such little faith

Whom shall we fear, our God is here.
Whom shall we fear, our God is here.


Though earth may shake and mountains fall
Our God will reign for through it all
Our God is King, He’s King forever.

Love will light where darkness dims
And we will stand, our hope in Him
Our God is King, He’s King forever.

Verse 2

Empty cross, hope laid in a tomb
Alone and lost, hiding in this room
But then the stone was rolled away
Love overcame the grave

Whom shall we fear, our God is here
Whom shall we fear, our God is here.


Though night may quench with cries unceasing
Love will dawn with hope unleashed
For love has won
And love is our hope.

Love is our hope, Love is our hope
Love is our hope, Love is our hope.

© Copyright 2012 Stephen Ng

Peter's Song

Verse 1

They took You in the dark of night
I tried to run I tried to fight
This is not how it’s ‘sposed to go, oh,
They saw me here what will they do?
They’ll come for me like they came for you I saw they’d never let you go, no...


"I don't know, I don't know, I don't know that man
All I am is a lowly fisherman
Will you please let me go I do not know that man"
I denied, I denied, I denied my friend
Swore I’d be there ‘til the end
Tears stream down my face O God you know...


My heart weeps for what I’ve done
The pain the guilt the shame
When you died that day on Calvary
You took the blame from me

Verse 2

At 3AM the storm raged 'round
My faith in You began to drown
You grabbed my hand when You reached down oh...
You calmed the churning of the sea
And calmed the storm inside of me
I saw you’d never let me go, no...


My Lord my God (I am here)
You saved me (Why did you doubt)
In one final breath (Have faith)
Hanging on that tree (I forgive you)
My Lord my God (Here I AM)
You saved me (I’ll never leave you)
In one final breath (It is finished)
Hanging on that tree

Final Chorus

My heart weeps for what You’ve done
My pain my guilt my shame
Has been washed away upon that cross
You bled and died for us

© 2013 Valerie Repetski, Rocco Repetski


Verse 1

Surrounded by sound, blinded by the lights
Shiny things capture the sight
Waves of noise drown the whisper inside

But when the screen flickers grey, the din grows faint
When stars peek through the digital haze
When you’re face to your face and you feel you’re all alone


You can go home, the light’s still on
When the road seems long, just hold on, just hold on
There’s still hope, you’re not alone

You can go home, it’s not too far
Love’ll find you where you are
Just let go, the light’s still on, come on home

Come on home

Verse 2

When castles built return to the sand
As dreams and hopes sift through your hands
You can know it’s not the end

When wings melt as they brush the sky
When the glass runs dry, but you’re still trapped inside
When doubt shouts there’s no way out


Love will find you where you are
Love will find you where you are
Love will find you where you are
Love will run to you, let love run to you

© 2013 Stephen Ng

Weep Not

Verse 1

When all the world dissolves to gray
Joy shrouded in haze
I'll fix my heart upon the rock
And on the mountains my gaze

For I remain a stranger here
This land is not my own
These tears that fall just serve to remind
That I am not yet home


Weep not my weary heart weep not
Love will win the day
Though night may seem to quench the light
The dark will not prevail

Verse 2

When loneliness my only friend
Mock my shallow breath
As hope seeps out with each trembling sigh
My soul will still proclaim

Verse 3

When time has turned its final page
Death tied up in chains
And love seated upon the throne
All saints and angels will sing

Final Chorus

Weep not our weary hearts weep not
Love has won the day
Night couldn't quench the brightest light
Love alone has prevailed

Love alone has prevailed
When love alone will prevail
Weep not

© 2014 Stephen Ng

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